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The Pattern Ship

The Pattern Ship

Book 1 of the Pattern Universe



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A landslide awakens the AI of an alien Escape Pod which had crashed and sunk into a prehistoric swamp. Remaining hidden from fossil hunters the Pod escapes back into Space.

Now it must utilize ancient patterning technology to reconstitute its Master. However, it proves no easy mission as it scours this strange new world for essential materials to rebuild.

As a homeless man, Zeke has worked hard to claim a back-alley as his own territory where a restaurant’s staff leave him food scraps. As if things aren’t bad enough Zeke’s on a dark government watchlist. He has a partial metal skull, forged from a meteorite and hammered into shape by a Middle-Eastern Blacksmith. The strange alloy has irreversibly bonded with his brain and is leaking into his DNA, changing it.

When the newly-revived Master discovers that the only source of an essential component for its ship is the foreign material in Zeke’s head it faces a difficult moral dilemma. The Master comes from a race that reveres all biological life wherever it is found, and Zeke will die if the metal cap is removed.

It’s left to the AI to find another way?

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Product reviews (8)

A gripping story of Alien meets Human
I was intrigued by the introduction of this book, advanced alien meets human and somehow the connection is meant to help humanity. The author didn't let me down for after a very good backstory set up that laid out the arc of the story without giving anything away, the story propelled me into the lives and decisions of personalities, human and AI. As a software developer I had an affinity towards books that deal with AI and in this first novel, the author did a good job of give a reasonable suspension of disbelief in regards to its, and the aliens' actions regarding the main character. By the end of the book I was fully engaged, on the edge of my proverbial seat and desperate to read the next book to see what happens to the main characters. All in all a very good read and a good lead in to the next book in the series.
By Justin Hull on 2019-05-09
Great story
Interesting futuristic point of view. Having an AI that links directly into the brain leaves all sorts of possibliities. This story reminds me of Robert Heinlein sci-fi books in terms of believability. Great set up and plot flows smoothly. Loved reading a story where the alien isn't trying to take over or kill everything in sight. Characters are well developed and still leave room for growth. I don't really like stories that stop on a cliff hanger, hence the 4 stars instead of 5.
By Ranchmama on 2019-05-09
New Ideas are Always Welcome.
I enjoy hard science fiction, and this was pretty good. Every time I read a book with a new idea/premise, it is exciting for me. This was definitely the case with "The Pattern Ship" and its sequels. Although Mr. Roote's style is rather formal, and he tends to explain quite a bit more often than some others whose books I have read, I am glad I read this book and look forward to the many sequels. Something I do NOT like: Sequels. I dislike having to wait while the next book is written. Unfortunately for me, Amazon seems to market uncompleted series, so with almost anything I have read, I have to wait. It would be very nice to see the entire Patten Ship series in one large book in my opinion. But I am not capably of writing prose like Mr. Roote, and so I will now shut up.
By Old Navy Senior Chief on 2019-05-09
Earth has a new friend, willing to share what he knows, but there is a catch! Isn’t there always? Great book!
I just finished this Tobias Roote book, my first, and I absolutely loved it! I have mentioned this in some of my other reviews. I am a devoted Sci-Fi reader but not just any Sci-Fi books will do. I look for the unique books out there, those stories that haven’t been told before, have some unique twist, or take one of the traditional plots and turn it on its head. The Pattern Ship is a unique story combined with a “turned on its head” plot! It grabbed my attention from the beginning and held it until the very last page and like all good series, it then made me say, “Noooooo, what happens next? I want the next book!” Fortunately the next book is already out ! I don’t want to share much of the story because I like people to discover every detail on their own as I did but suffice it to say there is excitement, humor, great characters, (even the A.I.’s have fully developed personalities), antagonists, protagonists, plots to change everything about earth as we know it, plots to save the world and overthrow the world, and so much more. There is wonderful technology, some familiar and some new but most of all there are characters you care about and a story that pulls you in from the very beginning. You may find yourself rooting for the clever villains or the unassuming heroic duo who try to drive humanity forward. The Russian mob even shows up! How many Sci-Fi books does that happen in? Check out Tobias Roote’s series, “The Pattern Universe”, beginning with book 1, “The Pattern Ship”.
By JustSomeGuyWhoLovesTech on 2019-05-09
Tremendous! A joy and delight to read. Fast paced,exciting and gets your juices flowing for more. A down and out ex military man being used as a guinea pig by soulless US scientists gets a second chance to not only redeem himself in his own eyes but turns out to be the lynchpin to getting planet earth on a footing of world peace and the start of actual space exploration. His helpers are not of this world but find a soft spot in their circuits for helping humankind evolve into something better than they currently have become. We would do well to remember what this story has at its core. War and indiscriminate killings must end, nations must stop aggression against nations and with those problems takes on a new meaning. If only! This story is packed with visions of new tech and are wonderfully described on a level so everyone may enjoy having a complete understanding of this future world. A fantastic read any sci-first fan should relish. Enjoy!
By Eddie D on 2019-05-09
Good Book keeps interest
Interesting look to a future with realistic look at human tendencies to dominate others. Sad but true how advance in technologies is used to dominate.
By mosesjrl on 2019-05-09
Loved This Book!
I simply loved this book!! Scifi, murder mystery, AI emergence, trying to unite the world, alien intrusion, this book has it as for Scifi fans. Damn good read, have been reading scifi for over 50 years, this rates. Can't wait to read Pod, the next book in the line, and yes I just bought it. Am following this author now.
By Steven H. Michaelsen on 2019-05-09
The Pattern Ship (The Pattern Universe Book 1)
A excellent start to this writers series of first contact with an Alien Race and humans on Earth. When an Artificial Intelligence finds itself and its creator unable to escape its enemy’s, it chooses to find somewhere to land. The AI waits until the conditions of the planet release it from the surrounding landmass to begin to rebuild itself. The creator had its own downloaded consciousness implanted into the AI’s data banks and comes back to consciousness and creates a body to place itself in. Together they study the planet and the higher sentient life forms on the planet. Finding a metal that should not be on this planet, in the body of the human and which is also killing the human, the AI and its creator transport the human to its ship. I enjoy first contact scenarios and this one is very good. The steps are not rushed and seem logical. So a solid 5 stars from my opinion.
By Nana on 2019-05-09
Rating: 4.62
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