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Tobias RooteWriter's Resolution for 2018

Making New Year's resolutions?

I generally ignore such things because I'm not one for following convention, so popular trends like life-changing resolutions tend to be something I do when I feel like it throughout the year. I also only do it when there is good reason, like looking in the mirror after a shower and deciding that too many BBQ's and not enough salads means a steady diet is required.

For me as a writer, resolution is a fundamental work ethic in getting my books started, for finishing them and absolutely essential for ploughing through the final edits before sighing in relief at the  satisfying 'clunk' of the keyboard's 'Publish' button.

I know how easy it can be to become distracted, but as a writer, my resolve in recent years has been directed at other issues in my life; mainly concentrated around my family, health, happiness etc., Now, after several turbulent, but extremely satisfying years putting my 'house in order' so to speak, I look back at 2017 and realise that I have latterly became a pensioner, a retiree and although probably entitled to a bus pass, I'm keenly aware I still need to generate an income. I also need something to keep me occupied for the next ten years, or I'll go totally batty.

I realise that I need to focus my efforts on my future health and mental welfare, and that not surprisingly, means more writing.

So, I looked at what my novel output had been comprised of over the last four years and decided that seven books isn't worthy of my desire to be called a professional writer. Which is why this blog was re-animated from it's desiccated corpse at the latter end of 2017 and going forward will become an active ingredient in my daily writing life.

The first month of the year produced Rigelian Gambit, 180 pages of very speculative fiction with plenty of action and intrigue to keep Roote fans occupied while I gather my writing implements around me for a full-on year of book writing. The next is in the works and is scheduled for mid-to end of February.

Now, I know many of you love long series of Space Opera stories like the Pattern Universe, but I have to be completely honest and say it's not in my nature to only do these types of series. Indeed, I had a great deal of trouble finishing Nubl Wars, and Sky City showed that my imagination (always outside my control) was already diverging into new realms. Since then there have been many such switches in direction within the SF genre that have produced for me, some very personally satisfying novels, but which unfortunately tend not to resonate with my Space Opera readers.

However, all is not yet lost. The resolution I began with this month is to add one book to each of the universes I have created. so Pattern Universe is going to get Sky City II, Artis Prime will see Epsilon Gamma completed. Aaron, First watcher will be combined with Watcher Wars to become a full blown SFF novel, and Clone Worlds has at least three books planned in mini-series of two or three books, of which two first books are already published.

I also intend to provide updates on my Facebook Author page throughout the year. So, if you follow me there will be ample opportunity for you to nag me into finishing the next book for your favourite series. If you like them all, then you will be in for a treat this year with six books planned.

I just hope it's a cool summer so I can work through it instead of sweltering under a Mediterranean sun with my feet cooling in the sea. Rest assured, I will keep you informed of my every move.