Tobias Roote

Science Fiction Writer

A reappraisal of earlier work means a new opportunity.

pattern audioIt took a long time for me to get over the fact that Pattern Ship wasn't a good 'audio' book, which probably reflected the fact that I had nothing to do with producing any of it, from beginning to end. I was eager, naive and in a hurry so didn't pay attention to matters and as a result left myself with an audio commitment that the US producers wouldn't/couldn't follow through on for the remainder of the series. I think they expected me to stump up the cash for everything from thereon. I continue to get royalties, but the company lacks professionalism and diligence in the admin sector. As a result I'm never truly at ease in dealing with them. Their communication is abysmal and whilst there is little, to no contractual obligation, halting the audio book sales is fraught with problems.

 Recently, I took the decision to uprate the Pattern Ship book to reflect what I had learned of writing in the years subsequent to it being published. As a result, it is no longer the same novel as the audio 

the pattern ship audio 150x150version. This is perhaps not a bad thing as I have changed the covers, the story as well so the new audio series, when it comes, will be by a new narrator and will have been produced with my hand on the production tiller.

The warning is that it is easy to pass responsibility onto others because you aren't familiar with the process, and feel you can trust them to do what is necessary to ensure the success of the audio book. However, their intentions might not match yours and so you could end up on the short end of a contract that isn't in your best interests.

mutanthunter audio 150x150

It's for this reason I backed off from doing audio books of the series and other books until I recently came across an online company called Findaway. This 'producer' wanted nothing more than for me to give them the opportunity to sell my books without exclusivity and they put me in touch with the right kind of narrator. In all of this I was able to retain my copyright and marketing rights. It was the right kind of deal.

As a result Mutant Hunter, my first new audio book in four years, will hit the shelves in two weeks on ACX, Audible and iTunes as well as every other sales platform and library. I will be offering it for sale shortly on this website. Stay tuned for more information on that score.