Tobias Roote

Science Fiction Writer

Tobias RooteWelcome to my website where you can buy my ebooks and audiobooks knowing all the proceeds are going to me and not a large corporate monopoly. 

I mainly write Space Opera and speculative SF books that encourage the concept of a future world where AI does not necessarily represent a negative outlook.

If you like this website, please share this place with your SF friends and look out for my blog updates and new releases.

Thank you


Tobias Roote


Welcome to Tobias Roote's Books

All good here. Finally, after some troublesome glitches the website now seems to be operating efficiently. Rising sales of books indicate readers have no trouble finding their way through the site and it does my heart good to see their orders being downloaded.

The AudioBook option is also working well and I have plans to introduce an Android player that readers can easily use on their PC, laptop or smart phone. I need to look at the marketplace to see if there are off-the-shelf options that will meet my needs. I have a list of planned upgrades to the sales pages and selling process, but I won't be messing around with the code just yet. At least until it's had a chance to settle in.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or gremlins in your order process. I will be pleased to get any feedback.