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Welcome to the home set aside for all my work, some pages of it is flash fiction, others contain excerpts or chapters I have written that didn't make it into the final book. There is some information about me, but mostly its a place where you can find out about what I write and shortcuts for Amazon to download my ebooks.

Shortly there will also be links to purchase hard print copies of all my novels. Thanks for dropping by and if, you are on Facebook, give me a 'like' so I know you are around and keep up to date with my latest efforts.

RIGA,AI - a new kind of heroine

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RIGA,AI is a new kind of heroine set in a future time where AIs and humans live, if not alongside each other, at least in peace and mutual respect of their differences. She is non-human, but there is much about her that is yet to unravel because neither is she an AI in the strict sense of the meaning.

Who built her? Why? These questions remain unanswered as she attempts to find her way through a minefield of plots and intrigues spanning three empires. Her unique skills provide her with the tools to manage a wide variety of functions for her adopted home, Epsilon Gamma. As such, RIGA often finds herself acting out the roles of Diplomat, Assassin and Spy within a single mission.

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